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July 31 2014

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Caludo is a simple but challenging minimalist 2D puzzler. Fling your avatar to collect points and reach the exit. You can only move three times per level, so you must choose your path carefully! Each level is procedurally generated and no two playthroughs are the same.


Caludo was developed by the three-person Bytebin team as a side project from our sandbox MMO, Deepworld. We had spent the prior two and a half years building and maintaining a massive, customizable online world, and we found ourselves itching to create something small and simple. By keeping the design and graphics as minimal as possible, we were able to focus purely on gameplay and create a single-player experience that was challenging, but also meditative.

The experience of developing Caludo ended up being closely intertwined with the experience of playing it. It was brief, concentrated, and it required a careful, thoughtful approach. It was also a wonderful way to shut out distractions and experience the calm that can come from deep focus. We think our players will experience the game in much the same way.


  • Simple controls and clear goals
  • Challenging gameplay that rewards thoughtful movement
  • Minimalist graphics that encourage player focus
  • Beautiful, calming music and sound effects
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Increasingly challenging obstacles and layouts
  • Leaderboards, achievements and social sharing for the competitive-minded




download all screenshots & photos as .zip (852KB)


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About Bytebin

Bytebin is an independent game studio started by three friends in Chicago, Illinois.

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Caludo Credits

Mike Laurence
Design, Art, Programming, Music

Quinn Stephens
Design, Art, Programming

Jason Pearl
Design, Business Development

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