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Bytebin is an independent game studio started by three friends in Chicago, Illinois.


Bytebin was founded in Chicago in 2011 by Mike Laurence, Jason Pearl and Quinn Stephens.

Our first project together was a massively multiplayer online crafting adventure game called Deepworld. Inspired by our experience running our own Minecraft server, the game was designed to provide a seamless online experience across different devices: players could jump into the game’s 2D steampunk world from their phone for a few quick minutes of play, or sit down at their PC for hours of deeper exploration and building, and always be able to pick up where they left off.

It was probably for the best that we didn’t really know what we were getting into, because then we might never have had the nerve to try it. Deepworld was a huge undertaking that required us all to step up our existing skills while constantly learning new ones. Mike had already released several of his own single-player games for the iPhone, but an online world that allowed users to completely rearrange the environment at any moment was a new challenge for him entirely. Jason had never worked in games before, but like Mike he had years of experience building scalable web apps, as well as a perfectionist’s drive to shape his code into a smooth-running machine. Quinn initially handled the art and animation but gradually expanded his technical skills and started contributing to the game code. Despite many setbacks and panic-inducing bugs, we got the game up and running.

Since Deepworld’s first public beta was released in April 2012, we’ve welcomed more than half a million registered players into the game. With the help of Lisa, our stellar community manager, we’ve helped our players cultivate a thriving ecosystem of both competition and collaboration. The success of Deepworld allowed us to make video games as our full time vocation and we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have reached this point. It’s been an exhilarating roller coaster ride so far and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Our newest game is Caludo, a minimalist 2D puzzler for iOS and Android. The game is a big departure from Deepworld and we’re looking forward to seeing how players enjoy it.



Big Indie Pitch: Bytebin showing its 2D sandbox MMOG Deep World  YouTube

Deepworld Dev Diary: June 14th, 2013  YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "...it's pretty cool to be zipping around in Deepworld and run across other people online for some multiplayer shenanigans."
    - Jared Nelson, TouchArcade
  • "When I first got my hands on Deepworld, a new iOS sandbox MMO by Bytebin, I knew I was holding something unique."
    - Beau Hindman, Massively
  • "Deepworld is a very impressive title, and I told the creators as much back when I met them at GDC earlier this year."
    - Mike Schramm, TUAW

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